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Welcome to the Cranes in Flight Gallery. We hope you enjoy these images of Brolgas and Australian Sarus Cranes in all the stages of flight: takeoff, landing and in the air. Please support our generous contributing photographers if you have grant-funded or commercial projects. More on each ‘Cranes in Flight’ photographer is at the end of this page»

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Cranes in Flight 1

Brolga family in flight

↑ Brolga family in flight (Peter Merritt)

↓ A Brolga runs to gain lift-off from a Western Queensland swamp (Rob Gray); Sarus Cranes prepare to land (Sandy Carroll)

Brolga taking off Sarus Cranes, Atherton Tableland: Sandy Carroll

↓ Sarus Crane flock (Sandy Carroll)

Sarus Cranes, Atherton Tableland: Sandy Carroll

↓ Sarus Cranes prepare for landing and fly down to roost in Bromfield Swamp, far north Queensland (David Stowe)

Sarus Cranes landing at Bromfield Swamp

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The Photographers

Sandy Carroll

Is a professional photographer and posts on Flickr as wildphotos4u. Her nearly 3,000 photographs include sets of Brolgas and Sarus Cranes, as well as Tree Kangaroos, Nature and Beauty, Cattle Station, Rodeos, Lake Eacham and raptors.

Rob Gray

Is in IT and for many years travelled across outback Australia in an extraordinary off-road motorhome. His images and diaries of people, places, wildlife and The Vehicle are published in a variety of books and magazines. His gallery, Rob Gray Photography, is regularly archived by the National Library of Australia as a ‘publication of national significance’.

Peter Merritt

Photographs every kind of Australian wildlife from camels to wrens. One of the books illustrated with Peter's work is ‘Wedgetailed Eagle’ (Penny Olsen, published by CSIRO). Gallery: Merritt Images

David Stowe

David Stowe's leading wedding and portrait studio is based in Sydney, Australia, but he has a passion for wildlife and the environment, with a special focus on birds. His images have been featured in many books and magazines including ‘Handbook of Birds of the World’ (HBW, Lynx Edicions). Wildlife Gallery: David Stowe Photography

Michael Todd

Enjoys photography but works as an environmental manager and scientist, having completed his PhD on Masked Owls in Tasmania. Photography of plants, buildings, landscapes and wildlife has taken him to many places including outback Australia, Thailand and Hawaii. Gallery: Wildlifing

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