Crane Art 5

Paintings and crafts

The Ozcranes Editor (cranesnorth aka Elinor Scambler») presents crane art from her personal collection. Special thanks to John D.A. Grant and Jenny Holmes for their original works; and to Jenny De Lacy, Kate Dixon and John Grant for gifts in the collection. All photographs by Elinor Scambler except for John Grant's Tablelands crane painting.

Crane paintings, Atherton Tablelands

Sarus Cranes

↑ Sarus Cranes in a stubble field, with Tablelands mist rolling in from the hills: John Grant», 2020. Acrylic on board, 121 cm x 57 cm. Photograph by John Grant.

More of John Grant's art can be viewed on his Website.

Brolga by J Holmes

← Brolga preening (part image): Jenny Holmes, 2004. Pastel and light oil on canvas, 24 cm x 37 cm (the painting is framed behind glass, which has reflected in the photograph).

Jenny Holmes is a botanist with a particular interest in the daisies (Asteraceae), and also an artist in watercolour, oils, and pastels. Two more of her paintings (Magpie Goose and Southern Cassowary) can be seen on Ozcranes Crane Posters» (a presentation on changes in Tablelands bird fauna 1975-2000). She has also painted the feature image for a report on the rare Coxen's Fig-Parrot in southeast Queensland, the Straw-necked Ibis, White-headed Pigeon and several species of finch.


Cranes (especially Red-crowned Cranes) are found on traditional and modern craft items in Asia, both for display and for daily use. Origami cranes have reached a worldwide audience through their association with peace movements, although this connection is probably unknown to purchasers of crane craft items at local markets in Australia.

L: Japanese jewellery box, cranes mother of pearl inlaid on plastic (simulating traditional lacquerwork)

R: Chinese miniature snuff bottle, painted internally with Red-crowned Cranes. Width, 55 mm. (modern, in traditional style). A tiny brush with right-angled bristles is used to paint finely inside the bottle.

Japanese box Snuff bottle

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Household objects

Chinese bowl

Chinese porcelain bowl (c. 1980) with Red-crowned Crane and young (the cranes and bamboo are outlined in gold, which does not show well in the image). Diameter at mouth 150 mm.

Pen organiser Japanese photo frame

L: Japanese pen organiser (stiff cardboard with appliqued paper printed with origami cranes. The cranes are outlined in gold, which does not show well in the image.

R: Japanese folding photoframe with Red-crowned Cranes on exterior, gold in the background and on the cranes' plumage.

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